Learn and Play - the Nordic Way

We are all born with a desire to learn. It is essential to cultivate, nurture, and support this through play to develop creative responsible and happy people.
Nordic values
It is very simple. When you meet kids with a reflective, appreciative and ‘playing to learn’ approach, it will trigger the creativity and curiosity of each kid. It will build up their learning confidence and the desire to learn. This way they will practice and learn because they want to - instead of because they have to.

Time2learn is a learning organization where focus on happiness, creativity and children’s development through play is essential and where motivation for learning comes from inside the child. We believe creative and innovative thinking is key words in future skills. And where else than in games and play do you see these skills as clear. Playing is important, fun and very valuable.

Time2learn combines playing and games with learning aspects and children, parents and schools love it. 

The Learning products (apps, carpets, books, board games) are developed in cooperation with children, parents and teachers at Time2learn.

Learning Games
Games are brilliant to motivate kids to learn difficult topics that need to be practiced many times. When it is done in a game the children hardly notice they are learning – they are too busy having fun.

The kids can play together in school or with a parents at home. They are easily played and doesn’t take long. That is why we call them Learning Snacks.

Nordic Bestseller
’Play, jump and laugh’ is a bestseller in Denmark. It has sold 30.000 books in Denmark, a country of 5.500.000 citizens. It has been published in 3 editions (Hardcover and paperback). 

’Play, Jump and Laugh - Children Love Learning’ provides modern Nordic learning principles with a reflective, appreciative and 'playing to learn' approach, that will trigger the creativity and curiosity of each child, and not only improve their reading, writing, math and science skills ' but more importantly, it will build up their learning confidence.
‘Play, Jump and Laugh’ gives you more than 100 fun games and activities, with an educational purpose: to have fun while learning.

If you want to know more about Time2learn, our products and rights, please contact:

Pernille Brinch, Owner and innovator in Time2learn
M: pb@time2learn.dk
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